AGM 2015 - R&SM Middlesex

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AGM 2015


Another very succesful meeting of the District was held at Uxbridge.  We were at capacity and at one stage it was in danger of being over-booked.
Fabulous support from other District Grand Masters who travelled from far and wide to be with us.  We were host to 17 DGM's and numerous Deputies, PCW'S and Recorders.
Our own District was well supported by our own Councils and all had an enjoyable AGM.

Congratulations to this years officers on their appointments, the Official visits to our Councils will be held during the year and the more members of the Team attend, the merrier the meetings !

District Officers 2015/2016

Deputy District Grand Master  Ill.Comp. Michael Spicer
District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work  Ill.Comp. Jeff Bennett
District Grand Chaplain  R.Ill.Comp. Anthony Sheppardson
District Grand Treasurer  Ill.Comp. Philip Harrison
District Grand Recorder  Ill.Comp. John Edwards
District Grand Director of Ceremonies  Ill.Comp. Graham Dossett
District Grand Lecturer  Ill.Comp. Keith Woodley
Deputy District Grand Director of Ceremonies  Ill.Comp. Anthony Coe
District Grand Captain of the Guard  Ill.Comp. Martin Hickman-Ashby
District Grand Conductor of the Council  Ill.Comp. Greer Kirkwood
Assistant District Grand Director of Ceremonies  Ill.Comp. S.A. McCarthy
District Grand Sword Bearer  Ill.Comp. Anthony Smith
District Grand Standard Bearer  Ill.Comp. Ken Gordon
Assistant  District Grand Recorder  Ill.Comp. Avi M. Suchak
District Grand Organist  Ill.Comp. D.D. Black
District Grand Steward  Ill.Comp. Thomas Lindsey
District Grand Manciple  Ill.Comp. Jon Wallis
District Grand Manciple  Ill.Comp. P. Rowlands
District Grand Sentinel  Ill.Comp. J. Lakritz

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