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The Order of the Silver Trowel

The Thrice Illustrious Master degree is often referred to as the Order of the Silver Trowel.

Membership is by invitation only. The District Grand Master recommends members for this Honour but is limited to one member per number of Councils in the District.  Middlesex having six Councils can therefore recommend six members.  Each recommendation has to be personally approved by the Most Illustrious Grand Master.

The Silver Trowel degree ceremony takes place twice a year, and Grafton Council of Anointed Kings performs the dramatic ceremony for members of the District of Middlesex at Mark Masons Hall.  The recipients are entitled to have a hallmarked Silver Trowel pinned to the flap of their apron.

Chronologically, the Silver Trowel precedes the Royal and Select degree.  The Silver Trowel degree covers the final, and dying days of King David and his desire that his son Solomon, should be anointed King after him.

Recipients 2013 :-

Ill.Comp. B.W. Prince
Ill.Comp. R.B. Sankey
Ill.Comp. A. Mackenzie
Ill.Comp. G. Dossett
Ill.Comp.  R. Constable
Ill.Comp.  C.M. Clarke    

Recipients 2014 :-

Ill.Comp. M. Stanforth
Ill.Comp. J. Redpath
Ill.Comp. G. Kirkwood
Ill.Comp. J. Edwards
Ill.Comp. J. Lakritz
Ill.Comp. R. Tester

Recipients 2015 :-

Ill.Comp. A. Coe
Ill.Comp. K. Bristow
Ill.Comp. R. Brock
Ill.Comp. A. Suchak
Ill.Comp. S. McCarty
Ill.Comp. W. Hagon   

Recipients 2016 :-

Ill.Comp. A.R. Smith
Ill.Comp. P.E. Hill
Ill.Comp. S.P. Hyman
Ill.Comp. S.V. White
Ill.Comp. N. Mindel
Ill.Comp.  L.M. Sunderland

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